Friday, 7 January 2011

Think I'm gonna pass out any minute now .......

Just been to the gym, and had a go on the arm exerciser - it's like an exercise bike, but for arms instead of legs.  Think my technique must be a bit wrong, because my right arm was getting tired more than the left one was.  If anyone knows why this would be, please feel free to let me know/educate me in the ways of the arm exerciser!  I've done 2km's worth of exercising, before I felt a bit too tired to carry on for today.  Trying to get rid of my bingo wings is proving more difficult than I thought - mind you, it's taken me forty years to accumulate it, so I guess it's not going to disappear overnight (sadly).

Had to buy some more trainers last weekend, thanks to my rather mischevious/easily bored collie.  He's developed a trick of bringing my slippers and shoes to me whenever I've been out and come back into the house, but this time he didn't want to give me them back, and the next time I looked, he'd chewed the backs of my trainers and they ended up with dog-shaped holes in the heels - rather more like flip-flops than the sports footwear I was rather more accustomed to seeing.  Anyway, after an emergency trip to a well-known  shoe shop, I am now the proud owner of a new pair of trainers whose laces are overlong, and I now face the additional risk of tripping up or getting them trapped in the exercise bike pedals, which would be rather embarrassing, don't you think?

Anyway, after my mammoth exercise session, which consisted of ten minutes on the treadmill, thirty minutes on the exercise bike and ten minutes on the arm exerciser (not entirely sure what it's real name is), I duly staggered back into the changing rooms, to be hit in the face by someone's truly awful BO.  Why, oh why don't people shower more often than they do, especially when they know they are going to be in a communal area and people can't possibly avoid them in close proximity?  I nearly passed out with the fumes, and if I'd stayed longer, I'm sure I would have.

I'm thinking of putting a suggestion forward that the gym has "sniff monitors" installed on the doors - that way, when people pass though the doorframe, perhaps a message could flash up somewhere and give you the state of your hygiene levels.  You know, something like "A little bit whiffy today, madam - showers are that way", all the way up to "Oh my God - you dirty cow - how about a new year, new shower regime?"  I'm pretty sure it could catch on, and it does beat those awful, embarrassing one to one chats with the boss, eh?  Come on girls, let's give it a go....!

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