Monday, 10 January 2011

OMG - surely someone would have seen that going!

Went to the gym on Saturday - was quite happily using the treadmill when I noticed there must have been a break in on Friday night, because I know nothing had gone any earlier.  One of the exercise bike seats had been taken off the machine and was no more!!!!  My God - how the hell has someone nicked that, in full view of everybody else, tucked it under their gym vest (some of them are very sheer and tight-fitting, you know), done a runner (probably very quickly - there are some amazingly fit people go in there, you know) and not been challenged, or spotted, by anyone else.  Maybe it was a championship boxer, who was too big and tough to challenge, or perhaps, just perhaps, it was a drunken student who, in the absence of a traffic cone, thought he'd try his luck with an exercise bike seat.

Anyway, I'm still trying the arm exerciser - things are getting better, so I think I'll stick with it a bit longer, in the vain hope my bingo wings reduce quickly.  Will post my progress (if any) in due course.

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