Sunday, 23 January 2011

Put it away, Madam - it's not as pretty as you think

Went to the gym during the week - honestly, the sights you see when you've just eaten.  After I finished yet another amazing workout, I went back into the changing rooms, to be met by the sight of a half naked woman with the most awful breasts I have ever seen.  It was really weird and I know I shouldn't look, but honestly, when they're virtually thrust at you, what the hell are you supposed to do?  It's like trying not to look at an enormous infected spot on someone's nose when you're trying to hold a sensible conversation with them.  They were conical, which is fine if you like that sort of thing, but sadly, they were also covered in moles - really dark ones.  At first, I was hoping it was mud, or dirt of some kind, but they weren't.

The other odd thing about all this was that the woman was there with her mother, and her daughter, so we have a grandmother, mother and daughter.  The mother (ie. the middle one) was standing in front of the other two with her baps hanging out, having a conversation in the middle of the changing rooms, with strangers walking by and trying not to look.  Please can someone either tell me what to do in this situation, or else put together a petition to be placed in gyms nationwide, to remind people that they're in a public place, and while nudity in these situations is inevitable, you really don't have to broadcast it for longer than it needs to be.  Please help!!!

Mind you, so saying that, a few weeks ago, again, I wandered back into the changing rooms to be confronted by a woman bending over, with a tiny tiny towel round her, and I saw what she had eaten for breakfast (if you catch my drift).  Certain things are inappropriate at any time, I think, and that was one of them.

Look, I guess what I'm saying is, is that can we all try to be more conscious of the fact that we're in a shared public place, and little towels aren't gonna cover everything you think they do - at home it's different - who's gonna look?  At the gym, however, it's a bit different.  I never know whether to say anything or not, because I'm conscious of the fact that my comments may not be well-received (not that I'm gonna cheer, or give a score out of 10, you understand), but these days, you can be thought of as a pervert at the drop of a hat, so it's a fine line I have to tread (not that I am a pervert, you understand).  I don't actively look, at ladies' bits, indeed, I try to avert my eyes at all times - I even scuttle off to the toilets to get changed, (such is my modesty in these situations), but it's just wall to wall well droopy swingers, and it's difficult to know where is the best place to look (careful - didn't mean it quite like that!).  Any advice greatly welcomed.

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