Wednesday, 16 March 2011

That looks heavy!

Whilst at the gym today, I was aware there was a hell of a lot of banging going on behind me.  Are there workmen in today, wondered I.  No, it turns out there's an exercise class going on in the corner, and it involves sea mines.  Allow me to explain further ....

Someone announced over the tannoy that a Core Exercise class was shortly about to start.  Obviously I avoid these things like the plague, being fit enough already.  I only go here to top up my physique, as I'm sure you are all aware by now.  Anyway, I digress....

I saw the mats being pushed together and strange voices instructing the class what to do.  Then all of a sudden, I saw one of the instructors pick up a large metal-looking ball, attached to a chain, with a metal handpull on it.  He then laid down on his back and started swinging it from side to side, across his body, for a good few minutes.  Made one hell of a bang every time it hit the floor, believe me.  F**k that, I thought - looks well bloody painful.  What the hell do you want to put yourself through all that for?  I wondered, happily content on my little bike.  Why don't you just settle down with a nice cup of tea and block of chocolate, like what I do?  Perhaps I'm missing the point.  Anyway, it definitely did look like a sea mine from where I was sitting (feverishly exercising too, I may add).  People are weird.

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