Wednesday, 16 March 2011

An different way to use an arm bike

One day last week, when I was at the gym, a chap got on the arm bike next to me.  Quite a regular occurrence, I know, but there was something odd about this one (as I said, quite a regular occurrence).  I was merrily tootling along with my regime, and he decided to crank his machine up to effort level 10 (an overhwelming milestone, in my book) and really go for it - for about 3 minutes.  He then stopped for a rest break and clutched his left shoulder, like he'd pulled a muscle.  Poor sod, I thought - that must have really hurt.  I thought he'd quit and scamper off in agony, screaming for an ice bag (I would have, y'see) to put on his shoulder, but bless him, he bravely carried on, just using his right arm.

Now then, I'm no expert, but how do you work an arm bike with just one arm?  What muscle are you going to build up if the machine is only being worked on one side of it?  I've tried it that way and it doesn't seem particularly effective.  Not that I was trying to be clever, you understand - I was probably too tired to carry on with the workout, but wasn't quite ready to admit defeat.  Anyway, this chap carried on like that for another 5 minutes, then looked at me as if to say, 'man, this is tiring work', then got off the bike, didn't bother cleaning it, and went on the rowing machine.  Odd, really.

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