Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Found some funny lumps in my legs - bit scared - could they be ...... muscles?

Little bit excited today, peeps.  I felt very energetic this afternoon, and so decided, in my wisdom, to trot off to the gym and cash in on my new lease of life.  I have to, because I never know how long it's going to last these days, y'see!!!  Anyway, off I went with purpose.

Got to the gym, pole vaulted over the entrance barriers (in my imagination), sprinted (?) down to the changing rooms and got ready to exercise.  Came out into the gym area and went to the arm bike, of which I have lately become fond/obsessive.  Started my rather impressive exercise regime, and was absurdly pleased with myself for being able to do 3km without having to stop for a rest.  Believe me, it's progress.  Had a quick swig of water and did another 3km (OMG - am SO on a roll today), and had a little rest break again, thinking that there's nothing to this fitness lark after all.

I next accomplished two lots of 2km arm rotations, then decided to 'hop' off that machine and onto the exercise bicycle for a 10km ride.  Bugger me, I thought, I could take on a whole rugby team today and not feel the effects!!!!  What ho!  Started on the bicycle and surpassed my expectations for the first 2km, then decided to increase the effort level to 3 - bad move.  Only lasted for a minute before I had to accept defeat and reduce it to 2 again - soddit.  Determined, however, to remain philosophical about my shortcomings, I took my mind off things by watching one of the TV screens.  Oh joy - Shaun the Sheep was on (really like that).  This is a children's programme made by the creators of Wallace & Gromit, and I really admire the way it's all put together.  The characterisation is superb, and the storylines are really beautiful to watch.

At one point, I burst out laughing at what was going on on the screen, totally forgetting that I was in a public place.  All of a sudden, I noticed that it had gone really quiet behind me, so I took a sneaky peek to see what was happening - four men were looking at me oddly, so I guess my laughter must have been louder than I was intending.  Never mind, thought I - I'll explain myself.  I just pointed at the screen and said "Shaun the Sheep's on - it's very good, you know!"  and left it at that.  They still looked at me like I was a member of Care in the Community, which, oddly enough, I'm absolutely ok with.  Anyway, I finished my exercise session with no more incidents, and got changed, and came home.

In the car on the way home, I suddenly looked down at my legs and thought that they had changed a little.  I had a quick feel (wasn't sure if I'd accidentally got my knickers halfway down my trousers, as I do sometimes do that, you know) and was surprised to find a bit of a lump there.  Immediately the hypochondriac in me demanded to know what was wrong with me this time, and I checked the other leg, to make sure I hadn't got twin problems - I had!!  There was another lump in that one, too.  God, this is serious, I thought.  I asked my lovely young man to have a feel and tell me what he thought the problem was.  After concluding his investigation (took longer than I would expect if I'd gone to the doctors), he told me there was a very good chance that I was getting fitter and developing muscle.  Jesus - I've never had any of those and I'm 41 (nearly).  Bloody hell, what are the chances of that happening??!!

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