Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Check Facebook - pervert alert

Went to the gym over the weekend, and felt quite sorry for a lady in the changing rooms.  She was in the area that backs onto the fire exit door, and whilst she was getting changed (and therefore, completely starkers), someone opened the door from the outside and spied on her.  Understandably she was very upset about it (really don't blame her - that's completely out of order) and called the Manager in, who was alerted by the alarms going off anyway.

When the lady explained what had happened, the female Manager just said, "oh well, check Facebook tonight and see if you're on it", which I thought was really f*****g charming, considering the state the woman was in, and obviously embarrassed, upset and angry (quite rightly so, in my book.  I would have called the police).  There's a car washing business outside the gym in the car park, and my money is on one of them trying to be funny (and failing dismally).  The member of staff was perhaps trying to cheer the woman up, but it didn't look like it was working.

I went back to the gym the next day to exercise again, and when I wandered in the changing rooms, I got met with a full frontal naked lady (didn't really want to), who was in roughly the same spot as the lady had been the day before.  I was just about to warn her about what had happened the day before, but she gave me the most awful sneery look (I am still perhaps, slightly, overweight, you see) and glared at me, so in the end, I didn't bother to warn her.  Petty, I know, but there's no need for me to be treated like that.  At least I'm trying to get back into shape.  More than lots of other people do.

Bit surprised that no signs have been put up to warn people about what happened, and quite surprised to see the same member of staff there, acting in the same manner.  People in the changing rooms have no idea what's gone on, and they should be warned.  Perverts should have their willies chopped off and their hands as well.  G******s, all of them (perverts, that is - not people in general).

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