Monday, 9 May 2011

Turn all the machines on, yeah?

Got a bit adventurous last week, peeps - I decided to go on the cross-trainer and start to try to get rid of my belly overhang.  It looks horrible.  My feet are tired of living in the dark, so it's time I brought them back into the light and let them grow naturally.  Or so I hoped ....

The cross-trainers at the back of the gym have arm bits that move, whereas the cross-trainers in the middle of the floor only have the feet bits that move.  Henceforth, I decided, in my infinite wisdom, that the ones at the back were for me.  Except none of them were turned on.  I've noticed this for the last 3 weeks or so, all of a sudden, the gym has gone on cost-cutting measures, which include the machines on the back row.  If I could pin down a member of staff, I'd ask them why this phenomenon is occurring, except they all avoid me like the plague.  Perhaps it could be because I've complained about the service I get, )or maybe they read this blog - oh sh*t).

Anyway, after much swearing, I went on the ones where the arms don't move, and got a bit of a shock at how hard it is.  I started off quite well, then got really knackered and had to put the machine back down to effort level one, and still felt like death when I got off it.  I lasted 15 minutes, but it was a close-run thing.  Tired out bird - fell into a coma when I got home, and I think I'm only just coming out of it now.  Never mind, there's always tomorrow ......!!!!!!

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