Monday, 9 May 2011

I used to be keen, until the world crushed my spirit (Homer J Simpson)

This was a good few weeks ago, I'm afraid.  On one of my visits to the gym, I was greeted by a work experience chap - very very sweet, enthusiastic and eager to please.  Knew straight away he was new - cynical sod that I am.  You just know with some people though, don't you?  I do, anyway.

He was very polite, very efficient and was zooming around the gym like an excited puppy.  All in all, he was there for about 2 or 3 weeks, and in all that time, the staff gave him all the sh*tty jobs to do, like cleaning the tables in the cafe, sweeping the floors and having to wipe down all the machines.  What complete b******s, like I ever see them doing that.  What on earth is that teaching someone about how the place runs and what it takes to manage the staff, etc.  He was genuinely interested in the company, and that's the best experience they could give him?  What crap.

I wonder if he'll come back and get a full time job there - chances of that are slim, I think.

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